Saturday, 3 November 2012

A New Look for Fusion Applications

While I was at OpenWorld last month, Oracle unveiled what they called 'The New Face of Fusion'.

I saw this when it was announced and also had a demo from the UX Team while I was on a visit to the UX Labs at Redwood Shores. The general idea is to have a quick and intuitive way to access the underlying Fusion Application. This can be useful for the casual user, but also for professional users who still need a quick way to get to their more common tasks. 

Fuse Home
Courtesy of Oracle UX Team

This simple User Interface does not replace Fusion Apps, it is simply a very straighforward portal into the underlying applications and it is designed to be used across all the access channels (i.e. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet etc.)

Many of you will have seen some of the blog articles and forum posts about the UX team. Well, this is a shining example of their work! If you want to see more from the UX team, and are going to the UKOUG conference in December, look them up.

For more details on the 'New Face of Fusion', take a look at the UX Team's own blog:

There are two other blogs I know of with useful insights into 'Fuse' as it was called internally at Oracle.  So, if you want a second or third opinion, take a look at my esteemed Oracle ACE Director colleagues blogs:

Floyd Teter :
Debra Lilley :

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