Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fusion HCM Gotcha

I deliver Fusion HCM training courses on an ever more frequent basis these days.  Today I'm writing this post while waiting for a plane to Bucharest where I'll be running a Fusion Functional Setup Manager course.  One of my colleagues is delivering Fusion Talent Management in London this week, and a Fusion HCM Implementation course in Prague next week.  And so it goes on...

When we talk to students or customers about Talent Reviews, we show them how to configure the page and also discuss all the 'sexy' features in Talent Review like mapping the 'Risk of loss'.  But this always leads to the questions "How do we determine the risk?", "Where do we do the configuration?".

Well here's the catch.  In order to configure all the predictive analytics, you need another module - Oracle Data Mining.  Hmmm... didn't hear that mentioned in the sales demo.


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