Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fusion HCM Development Priorities

When you're on the front line, implementing Fusion Applications, it's not always the sexy enhancements that matter - it's the basics.

Fusion Applications is still a new product and is going through the natural early phase of rapid enhancements both to address customer enhancement requests and also to introduce new functionality.

We have recently seen the introduction of the 'FUSE' user interface, designed to make the user experience for a casual user very simple.  Screens are minimalistic, but intuitive.

There are many fancy analytics, which are undoubtedly useful.

The organizational chart view of the hierarchy continues to have enhancements which really 'beef up' the functionality.

But, do you know what I get asked the most?  Does Fusion Applications support language xyz?  Does it have localizations for my country?

These are the day to day things that matter to most customers.  Fusion Applications already has the functionality and good design that seduces many prospective customers, but a rapid extension to the localizations and supported languages will have a massive positive benefit to gaining more customers, or at the very least not losing them to rival vendors who can support more languages and localizations.

Food for thought.

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