Friday, 22 August 2014

Fusion HCM Benefits

This week I've been running a training course on the Fusion HCM Benefits module.

I'm based in the UK and it's not a module that is yet in wide use in this region. 

Its functionality is very broad and it allows administrators to design and manage plans, to enrol participants and to manage the transfer of data to benefits suppliers.

There is a workbench for administrators, the Benefits Service Centre, which would be well placed to be used in a shared service centre environment.  It provides a one stop shop for all the main administration processes.

There are features for quickly creating plans and programs which are easy an intuitive to use.

For the self-service users, there is another 'workbench' style page which brings together all the activities the participant may need to do.  For example, viewing existing benefits coverages and contributions, adding and managing dependents and beneficiaries and making the election choice for the benefits plans.

I can see this module become more popular as Fusion HCM takes off.

More on the subject later.

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