Monday, 29 December 2014

Fusion HCM Release 9

Over the last few weeks, I've been fortunate to have been a part of the Early Adopters programme for Fusion Applications Release 9.

This has enabled me to take a sneak preview at some of the new functionality which is being releases as part of R9.

The main area of new functionality which has caught my eye is the Security Console.  This allows you to manage roles from within Fusion HCM rather than having to navigate the somewhat convoluted screens of OIM and APM.

The Security Console is navigated to via the Simplified User Interface (SUI).  It's the only way of getting there.  Is this symptomatic of the way Oracle is going with the Fusion UIs?  Soon, will the SUI be the only way in?

The security console will allow you to view the current setup and hierarchy of Job Role, Duty Roles and Privileges.  It will also allow you to copy roles.  This is going to be a huge time saver.

I'm going to be looking at this in more detail in a later blog post.  But for now, Happy Christmas and I wish all my readers a prosperous New Year!

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  1. In general, the UI is all being standardized on a common approach - yet some roles will still desire a 'denser' user experience for power user interaction. So yes, look for more standard and simple user experience from the HCM Cloud Service.