Monday, 2 November 2015

Views From OpenWorld 2015

I've spent the last week in San Francisco participating in the annual Oracle OpenWorld conference.  This is a summary of my 'takeaways'.

At Certus Solutions, we specialize in 'Cloud'.  We've been working on Oracle HCM Cloud implementations all the way from Fusion HCM version 1 up to R10.  So, I was encouraged that the 3 main messages coming out of Oracle at OOW15 were 'Cloud, Cloud and Cloud'.

Over the past 2 years, the messages have included Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and all sorts of other X as a Service propositions.  This year, there was a unified message 'everything in the cloud'.

Previously, we have heard lots of talk about 'Applications Unlimited', keeping the old legacy EBS/PeopleSoft systems going as long as you want.  This year, that talk was conspicuous by its absence.   In its place, the mantra was 'why wouldn't you move to the Cloud?'.  After all, it's where all the development effort is going.

So, have we reached the time where the critical mass of Cloud customers has been achieved and a tipping point occurred where EBS/PeopleSoft customers begin to think 'if I renew on-premises, will I be left with a Dinosaur system in just a few years time?'.  I think it has.

Take a look back to other major shifts in IT developments.  It's not long ago that client/server systems were in vogue.  Who talks about them now?    My money is on a mass movement to the Cloud in the next couple of years.  That's the subtle, and not so subtle, message coming out of OOW15.


  1. Nice say Tim. Thanks for sharing your thoughts... Appreciate your inputs...:-)

  2. Hi Tim,

    Nice Article.

    Liked your point "why wouldn't you move to the Cloud?" and I have a similar article I tried to make stating Why to Adopt Fusion ( 'Why Fusion') It has some technical and also some functional flavour. Would request you to check at :

  3. Great post Tim. What are challenges when it comes to customization on cloud?. BTW, no mater what, there will be customizations as there is nothing like best practice.. Best practice will differ company to company. I "heard" that its pain when you got customisations on cloud. In EBS, i can do what i like. Is this true ?


  4. Anything on Finance reporting ?