Saturday, 23 June 2012

OHUG 2012

I am a regular visitor to the OHUG Conferences.  This year, OHUG was back in Las Vegas again.  So, reluctantly, I packed my bags and set off for the desert.

This year, I followed the Fusion Applications tracks.

Oracle University

Oracle University laid on a series of 'hands-on' sessions' using UPK as a means of trying out the applications.  I've worked closely with OU on Fusion Applications training as a partner an OAEC, so I was pleased to see these sessions on the agenda - they were a good way of showing people what the application looks like and what it can do.

Fusion Payroll

I covered sessions on Fusion Payroll.  Payroll is a core part of the application and these sessions were useful as they helped explain the capabilities of the international version, something you will need to use if there isn't a localisation for your country yet.

Fusion Compensation

Fusion Compensation was a topic which interested many people.  If you've used or seen Compensation Workbench in EBS, then much of the Fusion Compensation Management module will be familiar.  It's a really well thought through module which will cater for all but the most complex of compensation activities.  Even then, a good systems integrator who knows the module should be able to use their experience of the product and the toolset to come up with a good solution.  Yes, these people will initially be few and far between, but you know where to find us! Certus Solutions (UK) LLP


If you're looking at 'dipping you toe in the water' and going for one of the Fusion modules in a co-existence mode, you will need to find out more about the HR2HR process.  This enables data to be transferred between the 'legacy' systems and the Fusion co-existence module.  But, beware of some of the 'gotchas' of this process.  Whilst it allows data to be exchanged and mapped between the systems, it has a limited subset of data that can be transferred.  For example, it doesn't understand the concept of pay scales and spine points.

Time and Labour

Gretchen Alarcon,  Vice President of Fusion Human Capital Management Strategy at Oracle, gave a keynote presentation which included news of Time and Labour which will be released sometime soon.  Although the initial offering will cover the basic time and labour functionality, the integration between Time and Labour, Absences and Payroll is very important, not to mention the neat way the timecard is displayed in the Fusion HCM Calendar page!

Finally, it was the end of conference 'event'.  This year it took place at Margaritaville, famous for (yes, you've guessed it!) its Margaritas.  I stuck to the beer, which in hindsight was a good idea once I had seen the scantily clad girl come out through the top of a volcano and silde down a chute into a large vat of Margarita which I'm sure they served at the bar!

Looking forward to OHUG 2013 in Dallas.

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