Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fusion Talent Management (Part 2)

I left the last post hanging half way through the Fusion Talent Management course I was delivering for Oracle University last week.  So, what happened in the remainder of the course?

We left the fun bits to the end.  By the 'fun' bits, I mean the Talent Review process.  For anyone who hasn't seen the process, or the screens, it's a fantastic tool for managing meetings between HR professionals and senior managers at which an in depth analysis of the organization's talent is undertaken.

Talent Review
The screen is divided into regions.  

The main region contains the 9-Box grid (or custom size if you want different).  The population being reviewed is placed into the appropriate box.  

There is a region for filters so you can dynamically alter the data on the screen according to selected subsets of the data.  

There's also a neat 'holding area'.  This is used to store people who have not yet been rated (and therefore can't be placed in the grid), or you can move people in and out of the grid to the holding area if you want to temporarily remove them from the review.

You can colour code the graphics, so for example you could select all male employees and colour them blue.

There is a drill down facility which allows you to see more data about the selected employee.  The data you see if controlled by configuration.

The Talent Review page is simple to configure, but first you need to ask yourself (or your customer) some questions.

Do you use a standard set of rating models for performance, potential, risk of loss, impact of loss, and talent score?  If you do,  a single template will be OK. 

If you have different box chart requirements, or if you have different rules for the analysys of equal opportunity information (e.g. age, gender, etc.), or if you use different rating models then you may need more than one template.  Either way, the configuration is straightforward.

The basic setup is as follows:

Create a template and select the basic design and layout.  

Choose the rating scales you want to use.  Pick the Rating Models, Rating Categories and Talent Scores.

Configure the way the box chart will be organised (e.g. determine what the boxes will mean and how the rating scales will place people into those boxes).

Select the data population.  Choose the filters that can be applied to the data, select the actions and analytics that can be made available in the review.

Now you are ready to create a specific version of the Template for the Talent Review meeting.  You select the manager you are going to conduct the review with and then select the population for the review.

It's as simple as that!   Obviously, there's a lot more behind the whole process, which uses the underlying Fusion HCM setup too.  If you want to find out more, ask for details about our training courses.

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