Sunday, 26 August 2012

Role Based Access - Useful Info

As part of my job, I need to keep abreast of developments in Fusion Applications.  Consequently, I do a lot of research into articles published by consultants, users and Oracle. 

I recently came across a couple of useful articles published in Oracle's 'My Oracle Support' (the support site previously known as MetaLink).  They relate to Role Based Access Control (RBAC), which underpins the security of all Fusion Applications.

Fusion Applications 'out of the box ' includes a reference implementation of RBAC consisting of  hundreds of Job Roles across its product families. Every Job Role comprises a series of privileges called Duty Roles.  These Duty Roles grant access to Applications functionality. 

At the beginning of any Fusion Applications implementation, there will be a task to analyse the predefined Job Roles and map them to roles which are relevant to their own enterprise.  Whilst Oracle recommends that the out of the box Roles are sufficient for most scenarios, as implementation consultants and customers become more familiar with the product, there will increasingly be a case for creating your own Roles and Privileges.

Oracle has recently released two spreadsheets showing the relationships between Roles, Duty Roles and Privileges; and a cross reference of top-level menus (on the navigator) to Duty Roles.

For in formation on these spreadsheets, see MOS articles 1460486.1 and 1459828.1

Back to the research.....

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