Friday, 7 September 2012

FSM in Fusion Version 4

I've just finished delivering a training course on Fusion Functional Setup Manager.  We've been doing these courses for some time now, but this week we used a version 4 (RUP3) environment.

FSM is a fundamental component in Fusion Applications, and as such it hasn't changed much since the original releases of Fusion.  There are a few subtle changes in Version 4, and sometimes, it is the little things that matter....

Take for example the assignment of tasks to implementation consultants.  This is something that the project manager does via FSM.  It was always a pain that the project manager could assign a task to a person, but that person didn't have the correct Role Based Access permissions to execute the task!  Thankfully, the developers have taken this on board, and now there are 2 new columns in the task assignment pages.  1 shows whether the assignee has the correct permissions and the other shows the roles which do have the permissions and therefore helps if you need to assign a new role.

Nice work, Oracle!

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