Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - Monday Report

Here's a brief round-up of the news I've got from some of the Fusion Apps sessions I've been attending here at OOW 12.


Recent acquisitions have increased the Fusion footprint.  Taleo recruiting is going to be the Fusion recriuitment module and Taleo Learning will become the Learning Management module.  It will take some time to assimilate these into the prodcut set, and in particular into the user interface, but this is now definitely the strategy.

Social Awareness

Social Awareness is being built in to Fusion Apps.  Objects are being made socially aware and exposed to RSS feeds, chats, activity streams etc. This will become apparent in a further article I will publish on Workforce Reputation Management.


Most customers are opting for a SaaS model, and within those customers most are doing some sort of co-existence.

We all know (or I hope you do by now if you've been reading my posts) that Fusion HCM as SaaS means you can't 'customise' the application, particularly from the back-end.  But now Oracle are promoting Platform as a Service whereby you can develop in the cloud.  Now, you will be able to develop extensions in your Platform as a Service cloud and integrate them with your SaaS service.

Fusion Tap

Oracle has announced that you can download Fusion Tap from the Apple App Store.  I can't find it, buit I'm sure it's there somewhere!  It can be operated in two modes, a) demo mode whereby you can use if with some seeded data or b) connected to your Fsuion Apps system (if you have one).  So, get downloading now!

Release Strategy

Now that Oracle has real live customers on Fusion Apps, it needs to ensure some stability for them.  So, in future, new releases of Fusion are likely to occur 3 times a year rather than every quarter as now.

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