Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lazy Days of Summer - NOT!

It's been a few weeks since I lasted posted an entry.  Must be because it's those lazy days of summer (cue for a song?) - but actually it's been a far from lazy period.

I deliver a lot of training courses, specifically on the subject of Fusion HCM.  I've stopped counting now, but there must be well over 60 under my belt in the last 18 months.  I've delivered a few more in August and have also finalized 2 sessions in Poland, to be delivered in September and another in Sweden in October.

We are working on a Fusion HCM Implementation, which successfully completed UAT in August and will go live next week.  Watch out for some more posts specifically on this event!  We think we will be the first consultancy in the UK to complete a full Fusion HCM implementation (i.e. not co-existence), so we are rather proud of that fact.

Oracle, too, seem very interested in this milestone, and this week we will be part of a video Oracle is making with our customer.  We're hoping this will be available for OpenWorld.  Next year - the Oscars!

It's also approaching conference time, with a plethora of conference in the next two months.  I will be at OpenWorld, not presenting this year but hoping that the video will be showing and that's probably much better publicity than one of my presentations.

I will be presenting at DOAG Applications conference in Berlin on 9th - 11th October, and also at UKOUG Applications again in October.  In fact, if you get in quickly on the UKOUG Apps 13 website, you'll see me as the 'featured speaker of the week'!   Both presentations will be on the Fusion HCM implementation (which will by then be live) and our experiences along the way.

So, not a lazy summer by any stretch of the imagination!

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