Sunday, 13 October 2013

Update from OpenWorld 2013

This post is a bit later than I had hoped to publish, but put it down to pressure of work.

This year's OpenWorld coincided with the America's Cup races, so there was a real buzz in San Francisco as the Oracle (sorry, US) boat clawed back victory from the jaws of defeat.

As far as Fusion Applications went, there wasn't so much excitement.  My specific interest, Fusion HCM, was relegated to the Palace Hotel (PR speak would say it was given prominence in its own location).  I really don't think this worked because not all sessions were there, some were still in Moscone and the round trip of half an hour was valuable time lost, not to mention it often meant missing the start or end of a session to get to the next one.

There were no significant new announcements on Fusion Applications either.   The presentations seemed to be tightly controlled and on-message.

Hence, not much to report really.  All the news for 2013 had already filtered out at previous conferences earlier in the year.

Still, looking forward to the HCM event in Las Vegas in February.  Let's hope there is more of interest there.

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