Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Simplified User Interface in Fusion HCM

Readers of this blog know I'm a great advocate of the work the User Experience team (UX) does at Oracle.  Recently, we've seen a major piece of work that has their input hit the streets in the form of the Simplified User Interface for Fusion HCM. 

The new UI has been made available in Fusion Applications Release 7, which is now being rolled out to customers.  It includes both a manager and employee access.

The UI is clean and simple, just as it should be for a casual user.  After all, a self-service user only wants to dive in to the system to do a simple task such as applying for leave, and then get out.  He doesn't need to know all the complexities of an HR system, not does he want to navigate through a maze of menus.

The Simplified UI achieves the task well.

But, it also leverages the underlying configuration.  The way you configure Fusion HCM will affect the way in which this UI behaves.  For example, the access to any function via this UI is determined by job roles, duty roles and privileges.  Additional duty roles have been added to the line manager and employee abstract roles so they inherit access to the line manage and employee 'Simplified' pages.

There is also a layer of 'tailoring' that can be done in this interface.  Changing the logo or page style, altering the look and feel of the icons, adding announcements are all part of this 'tailoring' process which uses the underlying page composer.  It's also possible to change other properties of components, such as making them read-only, or mandatory.

This is a good start, but not yet the end of the journey.  I suspect we will see more developments in this area over coming releases.


  1. Hi Tim this really Looking good, How will we incorporate this User Interface to our instance, Is this incorporated into our Instance only through SR??

    1. It just needs access via a different URL from the standard system. If you check out the Fusion HCM Interest Group on LinkedIn, I've posted the instructions there.

  2. This really looking good,
    How to get this User interface added into the Instance, can we do it by ourself or this has to be done only through SR, Please Suggets

  3. Informative. Nice blogs. Eagerly waiting for your next posts. Is there any demo instance available for public?