Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fusion HCM R8 - New Features - Workforce Modelling

We are working an 4 concurrent Fusion HCM implementations, 3 of them using R8.  So, I thought it was time to write a few thoughts on some of the new features that have come out with R8.

In fact, there's such a lot that's new in this release, I've decided to do one post per feature.

This one's about Workforce Modelling.

Workforce Modelling allows users to create scenarios related to organizational changes, such as hiring new people, moving people around the organization, etc.  The functionality is delivered via some new Duty Roles which are mapped to the Human Resources Specialist and Human Resources Manager job roles and also to the Line Manager abstract role.

Using this tool, you can show what the effect will be of making the changes.  The dashboard used contains a hierarchical display of the proposed reorganization and a running total of the changes and potential costs of those changes.

 Once the changes have been finalised, ALL the changes are sent for one set of approvals.  So, if a change involved a change in salary, position and department, that would be just one approval.

A very powerful and useful piece of functionality and a sensible approach to approvals.

As this product develops, we are beginning to see some very coherent integration of functionality.

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