Sunday, 6 July 2014

Working in the SaaS World

One of the reasons I haven't had much time to blog this year, is that I've spent a lot of the first 6 months travelling around the EMEA region delivering training to Oracle partners on Fusion HCM and Taleo.

Over that period, I've encountered delegates at our sessions from a wide variety of consultancy companies. 

Two interesting observations have emerged from this, and they are my 'observations' and therefore subjective.

One - a lot of people are having to rethink their view of implementing these types of systems.  SaaS changes the game and should also change the approach to implementation.  Not everyone seems to realise that the approach must change.  In SaaS, you really must understand the full potential of the functional tools the application gives you because these are the only way you can 'tailor' the application.  It is no longer satisfactory just to say "The application doesn't do that, but we can do you a customization (at extra cost)". 

Two - it seems to me that the smaller niche consultancies are the ones who 'get it'.  So, why is it that the larger consultancies still seem to dominate the market?  Answers on a postcard please!

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