Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Preparing for Oracle HCM Cloud Release 10

Just a short post today.  We are preparing for Oracle HCM Cloud Release 10.  We are part of the 'Early Upgrade' programme (EU) and our environment will be upgraded today.

In later posts I will be exploring the new functionality in this release.  In the meantime, we are looking forward to some of the major enhancements:

User Experience

Much more functionality for Employees and Managers will begin and end in the Simplified User Interface (SUI).  This will be a great improvement in the User Experience (UX).

Goal Management and Performance Management

The goal management and performance management workareas will be moved to the SUI (at least for employees and managers).

Simplified Role Model

The role based access in HCM Cloud has always been a powerful and complex structure.   This has led to several areas of duplication of roles.  For example, Role 1 may inherit role 2 and Role 3 may also inherit Role 2.  To remove all the functional security of role 2 it must be removed from both parent roles.   In the new 'rationalised' role structure, many of these problems have been removed and/or simplified.

So, when the environment is returned, I'll be posting more detailed comments on the new functionality with the benefit of being able to actually use it!

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