Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Review of Fusion HCM Release 10 - Goal Management

Goal Management in R10

I have been reviewing the new and changed features in Fusion HCM Release 10.  Here's a quick summary of some of the changes in Goal Management and my views on them.

This is an area of the application which has changed significantly in R10.  The main change is to move all the manager and employee functions into the Simplified User Interface (SUI).  This is part of an ongoing move by Oracle to make the look and feel more intuitive and above all, simple.

I have highlighted the following key areas of change (My views on each are in red):

In R10, Goal Management is about Performance Goals only.   Development Goals are now managed in Career Development.  So, make sure the users know this or they will think that they have lost their goals!

In R10, My Workers Goals has been renamed to 'My Team Goals'.  Administrative tasks (e.g. if the user is also an HR Professional) appear on the right hand navigation 'drawer' of the Goal Management page.   The 'drawer' is easy to forget about until you get used to it.  When I first started using R10 I couldn't see where the admin tasks had gone.  I even raised an SR about it until I explored the page a bit more and found the 'drawer'.

Goal Plans are now mandatory.  This is linked to a change in Performance Management which I will discuss in a future blog post.  The upgrade from R9 to R10 places all goals not in a goal plan into a default goal plan.  This action really means that customers have to think carefully about goal plans and consider creating some before the upgrade if they don't want everything placed in to the default plan in R10.   I can see this causing some difficulties if not dealt with carefully.

There are now Review Periods, these are mandatory and linked to Goal Plans.  The upgrade from R9 to R10 creates a default review period (01/01/01 - 31/12/99).   All Goal Plans have to be associated to a Review Period.  The review period on the default goal plan can be changed through the Manage Goal Plans task, as can many of the other attributes of the plan.  So, again, you may need to look at this post upgrade.

Measurements in Goals have been changed so that you can have multiple measurement.  Small change, but useful.

Draft Goals in R9 are converted to Private Goals in R10.  So, if you have any at the time of the upgrade, be careful as they will not necessarily appear where you think they will!  It may be worth considering approval of all pending goals prior to the upgrade to avoid this.

Organization Goals in R10 must be in a Goal Plan.  The upgrade automatically creates an 'Organization Goal Plan' in a similar way a default plan is created for Performance Goals.  This may not be exactly what the user wants, so this needs some upfront planning if the default process is to be avoided.

Look and Feel

This is the most obvious of the changes in R10, and in my opinion is a great move.

Here's an example of the type of screen the manager will see when reviewing team members' goals:

The screen is now much less cluttered and gives simple, graphical views of the data.  To see the details of a particular goal or set of goals, just click on the number in the graphic.

The Employee view of their goals is similarly simplified in the SUI:

So, to summarize, this is a big change.  The look and feel is much cleaner, simpler to use and intuitive.  The downside is that there are real considerations about preparing for the upgrade which must be looked at.  If you leave it to the upgrade process to create some of the new mandatory features (Goal Plans, Review Periods), you may end up with more remedial work to do post upgrade.

My suggestion?  Ask your implementation partner to guide and advise you through this process.  Better still, ask Certus Solutions (unless we already are your partner!).

Next time...... What's changed in Performance Management.


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