Friday, 7 June 2013

Integrating Taleo Business Edition with Fusion Tap

Regular readers will know I'm a great enthusiast of Fusion Tap.  Recently, I've been working on a number of Taleo projects and so I was really impressed when I found out that Taleo now integrates with Fusion Tap!

It's really simple.  First, download Fusion Tap.  You can get it free from iTunes, just follow this link:

Then, get a Taleo Business Edition.  OK, you'll have to pay Oracle for that.

On your iPad, go to settings for Fusion Tap and enter the URL of the integrator.  You can find the instructions from within your TBE system.  It will even email you the details.

Then when you log into Fusion Tap, it will ask for the login of you TBE account.  Enter the details and you're off....

Here's a list of candidates for a requisition on the TBE system:

Taleo Recruit Candidates for Junior Consultant A Job

... and here's the same data automaticaly synchronized on Fusion Tap:

Fusion Tap

Changes made in TBE automatically update on Fusion Tap and vice-versa.

Clearly this is a great example of how the mobile apps are developing.  Well done Oracle!  What's going to be really interesting is to see what happens when Taleo Recruit is integrated fully into Fusion Apps.  First integration should be in version 7, so not far off now.



  1. Hi Tim,
    Would like to know if Fusion (Core HR) can now integrate with TBE. Have not been able to find any literature confirming this.

    Thank you

    Aida Alvares (

    1. Hi, we have built a solution for that. Let me know if you are interested

  2. Hi Aida

    I don't think there is any integration "out of the box" between TBE and Fusion HCM. However, I think that from Fusion R8 onwards, more web services are beginning to be exposed and therefoe it might be possible to design a solution using TBE and Fusion web services to intgrate. In the meantime, I would look for solutions using web services to/from TBE, File based Laoders (FBL) into Fusion and HCM extract out of Fusion.


  3. Hi Tim,
    I understand your solution on Taleo to Fusion integration is being worked upon by Oracle and will be available for customers from Release 8 version of Fusion HCM. To understand your statement that has been mentioned at the last and to be in sync, I would like to understand your thoughts on this integration. My understanding of your solution is as follows,

    1) To use Web Service of TBE and to use it on the integration of FBL webservice to migrate the data from Taleo to Fusion.

    2) To migrate the data from Fusion to Taleo, we need to run the HCM Extracts and push the data back to Taleo so that TBE webservice can be invoked to call this file extracted out of Fusion to be pushed into Taleo.

    Correct me if my understanding is wrong. In case my understanding is right, kindly share with me if there are any documentations that are available as a part of this information.

    Thanks in advance.


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