Thursday, 6 June 2013

Conference Season

As many of my readers will know, I am somewhat of a conference junkie!  Based in the UK, I try to go to 2 or 3 US conferences, and 2 or 3 European conferences each year.

The conferences are a great source for networking but also for information gathering.  I try to speak at the conferences I go to, and this year I'm very pleased to have been chosen to speak at Collaborate in Denver (already done), UKOUG in London and DOAG in Berlin.  Next week I'll be at OHUG in Dallas and I'm also hoping to be able to present at OpenWorld, although the competition for presentation slots is always fierce.

Because I work on Fusion HCM projects, and because Fusion Applications is still the 'new kid on the block', I think it's really important to share knowledge with other prople on the same journey.  Hence, my presentations are about real life experiences of implementing Fusion HCM (good and bad).  I also look for similar presentations from other people who have also done implementations and have experience to share.

What disappoints me though, is the large number of presentations at these events about 'internal' projects.  Implementing Fusion HCM for youself is NOT the same as doing it for a customer!  Let's have more 'real' stories and less 'vapourware'.

Rant over!

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