Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Taleo Product Roadmap

I recently attended the OHUG conference in Dallas, TX.  The following notes came from a presentation on the roadmap for Oracle Taleo products.

The recruiting process benefits enormously from social media.  "Social sourcing" is a new phrase which we'll be hearing lots of in the future.  The acquisition of Select Minds adds to the arsenal of the Taleo social products.

Some facts:

1 in 7 of all humans are on Facebook.  1 in every 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook.  Every one of these users is a potential candidate for a job.

Employees are great sources of referrals.  Consider 100 employees each with 100 contacts and 2 degrees of separation.... that's a lot of connections.

15% of all US hires are made through Taleo systems.

In future releases of Taleo Recruitment, we will start to see the same social networking capabilities as we see in Fusion Apps.

We will also see more mobile capability.  Watch out for demonstrations of the new mobile capability at Oracle OpenWorld in September.

Taleo Recruitment will soon be integrated with Fusion Apps.  We will most likely see a convergence of UX and reporting will move to being based on OBI and BI Publisher (BIP).

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